The Tradition of French Bakery

Gourmet Artisan Bakery specializes in European style Artisan Breads, gourmet pastries, and desserts available in some of San Diego and North County’s finest stores, restaurants, and hotels.

Our hand crafted artisanal loaves, baguettes, and other specialty breads reflect the art and techniques that Jean Claude Scudellaro has spent over 30 years developing and perfecting right here in San Diego.

All of our European style breads are handmade the old fashioned way. We use only the finest quality and carefully selected ingredients. Jean Claude has developed his own leavening technique, which is a process that takes time but allows him to produce his own starter. This extra is what makes our bread rise into a light and fluffy loaf.

Jean Claude then allows the dough to rise and proof slowly in small handcrafted batches, which helps to develop the deep flavors and decadent textures of our breads, butter croissants, and other specialties.

Our recipes have been developed over the years using only natural ingredients with no additional additives or preservatives. We use the freshest herbs, the highest quality olive oil, and other secret ingredients that work together beautifully to create our bread’s unique and subtle savory flavors. It’s our slow cooking process that allows our bread to form a perfectly crispy crust while maintaining a wonderfully soft interior.

Enjoy !

The GourmetArtisanBakery team

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